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Published: 13th June 2008
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There are several different types of hair styles that incorporate braids. A hairline braid requires hair that is all one length and dry. With hairline braids only braid the hairline hair. Women with long hair can play with dozens of braid styles for a simple or exotic new look. When you have long hair, no style is more fun to experiment with than braids. Hair braiding will become much easier with continued practice.

Braid wearers dont like to wash the braids for fear of manipulating them too much. Not being a braid wearer but speaking from a common sense approach - go no longer than 1 week in any style - braids included. Pull the portions of hair as evenly as possible so the tension remains consistent. If the tension is tighter on one side, your hair braid will begin to twist to one side instead of lying flat.

People with braids dont want to manipulate the braids to avoid messing them up. Many women have resorted to diluting the conditioner and putting in a spray bottle. Don't use an office-supply-style rubber band to secure a braid, as it promotes hair breakage. Choose proper accessories designed to hold hair: coated bands, clips, barrettes and other ornaments. If you're hair braiding a young child's hair, ask that she keep her head as still as possible. Give her a hand mirror so she may see any work you've done to her hair.

There are several benefits to wearing braid hair styles. First, a braided style keeps hair secure even if it has multiple layers that ordinarily can't be contained. This is particularly useful for children who need to keep their hair under control but may have damaged or uneven areas. Braids are also useful for adding subtle waves to straight hair: if hair is braided when it is wet and allowed to dry thoroughly, the hair will have a gentle wave without needing a curling iron or other potentially damaging tool.

Get some leave in conditioner spray, and spray that on your hair everyday, that way your hair dosent break off as easily when you take out your braids, and it will help with the tangles. Before washing: use a boar bristle brush to make sure there are no tangles before wetting it down, don't just wet your hair and pile it on top of your head to wash it, more like using a neutralizing shampoo after a perm. Use a good leave on conditioner to comb through. Start at the bottom near the neck and slowly work up the head.

Like the French Twist if you want to wear your hair completely up, the various Hairline braids can always be tucked under and pinned up. The braids can also be jazzed up with special touches like hair jewelry, flowers or hair adornments of any type.

The classic "French braid" is one of the most sophisticated - and popular - hairstyles ever invented. You start with a center section of hair and divide it into three strands. As you braid, you add new strands gathered from both sides of your head. The finished braid rests flat against your head and is secured at the bottom.

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