Tips on Hair Extensions

Published: 13th June 2008
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Hair extensions can be attached in several ways. The hair can be braided across the head and then extensions are sewn onto the braids. Extensions can be glued or clamped to sections of hair. Clip on extensions can be applied by the client, removed and reused. Extensions make hair look longer and thicker. I would go with the clamp on version if I wanted permanent extensions.

Hair extensions can be a lot of fun if you are aware of the risks and the procedures. When you get hair extensions make sure that you use a gentle shampoo and also that you condition your hair properly. Your hair dresser will give you more details. There are new hair extensions available, the clip on ones, a couple of my friends have them and they look really class!! just pop down to the nearest hair dressers and ask if they sell them or know where you can but some.

Try the clip in hair extentions, theyre called that but dont actually clip in, what it is, it's a layer of hair stuck on with glue with little staples, sounds wierd but actually are comfortable, they last about 2 months these are also re-useable if you look after them well. Also you can put in as much layers you want. Take the extensions to a salon and let the stylist put them in. Should be cheaper than the stylist actually doing individual extensions ( as opposed to a clip on piece). Pay attention to how the stylist adds them in and then duplicate this yourself.

Clip-In Extensions - They work great if you don't want anything permanent. Braiding paste can help keep the clip from slipping out. Be careful with long-term use in the same areas, as users have been known to experience hair loss.

Hairlocs - This system utilizes small metal tubes that has been pre-tipped with an adhesive. It is very similar if not almost identical to Eurolocs. Once the metal tube is threaded onto your own hair, a lock of pre-tipped hair is inserted into the tube and then it was clamped, so to speak, thereby adhering the extension hair to your own without the use of hot or cold adhesive.

It's important to use the right products otherwise the hair may fall out or be unmanagable. Some hair extensions are noticable but nowerdays depending on where you get them done can look really natural. You don't know until you've tried them, but it's worth going to professionals as they can go wrong, well not nessecarily wrong but maybe not natural looking or the hair quality isn't of high standards.

Jessica Simpson has a hair extension at target that just clip in and you can get them for like 13 or 14 dollars. They have all diff rent colors that match your hair color.

Well for hair extentions it depends on how long your hair is and if you do get some make sure it's your color and 100% human hair it will look much better than anything else but it"s kinda pricey some cost like 22-up you can get it anywhere.

It is a well known fact that hair extensions can do damage to your natural hair. The glue that is attached to your natural hair can burn and split the ends of your hair. This means that you will almost always be required to have the ends of your hair cut after the extensions are removed.

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